My Startups

Startups I’ve been involved in:

Knolum – a microblogging platform. The main idea of this site is to subscribe to interests not people.

It is something between delicisous, twitter, digg, tumblr and

The goal is to make a system to store and share knowledge not just statuses which will be not actual in several days (like on twitter or facebook).


a price-comparison site for notebooks. Markets – Russia, Ukraine.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) system – SOLD – CLOSED

Explainum is a online collaborative tool that allows people to create interactive embedable web charts from their own data, comment on charts’ specific data points.

Explainum is a web-service for creating interactive charts with comments to data points. Explainum makes it possible to easily explain specific data trends. Charts and comments can be embedded into any web-page.

A project started with Dmitry Gudkov (@dgudkov) in 2010.

Read more on Explainum blog.