Vault as a Service

I am a co-founder of Rockos. We have a great team of experienced application developers and Ops engineers.
We have had extensive experience in setting up and maintaining secure and reliable infrastructure on AWS and customer’s data centers.

A lot of our projects needed a solution for a secure storage and management of passwords, tokens and protecting of sensitive data.

Hashicorp Vault is a good choice for small and mid-size organizations.

Managed Hashicorp Vault
Rockos’s SaaS allows installing Vault cluster in minutes. We setup a Hashicorp Vault cluster in the cloud which is fully-managed and supported by our team. It satisfies compliance needs and fulfill the production requirements by Hashicorp (

It is a production-ready Vault deployment in the cloud including necessary features like
* SSL provisioned
* Auto Unseal
* Backup & Restore
* High Availability
* Monitoring
* Auditing

Customer data is stored encrypted on AWS S3.

Rockos Vault is open for joining for a closed beta