Taking Screenshots of Websites with PHP

There are many command lines tools you can use to take a screenshots of a web page. See the list of tools here: in Windows, in Linux. The mentioned tools can be used on a from a php script using shell_exec function.

* If you are looking for taking screenshots programmatically in .NET – read the post Taking Screenshots of Websites with .NET Windows Forms.

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Working with regular expressions (preg_) and UTF-8 strings in PHP

Regular expression patterns \w, \d, \s will not work as expected for non-latin letters in a UTF-8 string when you use preg_ functions (like preg_match, preg_split, preg_replace).

First of all you must use modifier /u to work with UTF-8 strings correctly.

One of the best solutions to common tasks is to use the pattern escapes \P, \p, and \X, which refer to Unicode character properties.

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