How to create custom embeddable charts with data from Google Analytics using filters

July 22, 2011 · Posted in Development 

This article will explain you how to create your own custom embeddable charts based on data from Google Analytics. We will do it with using the service – a free web tool to create charts.

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools for analyzing traffic on your website. Google Analytics gives you a lot of information about visitors of your web site.

Explainum helps you to create interactive web charts to analyze your traffic. You can create meaningful charts using such a powerful tool as filters in Google Analytics.

After a short registration on Explainum, I’ve created this chart. Then I get the code I am ready to embed the chart into my page on WordPress blog:


That’s all!
The rest of work is done by Explainum:
- the chart is interactive right here on my site: I can navigate dates, select series, and even add comments on my blog.
- the chart is updated automatically from the Google Analytics data. I don’t need to do anything for this.


Read the full article how to create own embedable Google Analytics charts here.