Angel Investing : useful links

David B. Lerner

A great list of articles from David B. Lerner about Angel Investing:

Angel Investing (1): A High Risk Activity

Angel Investing (2): It’s Personal

Angel Investing (3): Judging the Team

Mourning Angels: What Went Wrong with Your Investment: (Case Study #1)

Old School Angel Investing: Joseph Conrad Revisited

My Interview on Venture Hype

How Would You Pitch Your Business to an Old Friend?

The Verdict on Raising Venture or Angel Investing “Pre-Revenue”

Investing in Driven, Maniacal Genetic Entrepreneurial Freaks Only

Get the Anti-Startup and Anti-Angel Provisions Struck from Senator Dodd’s Banking Bill

Ten Types of Hair on Early Stage Deals

Startups Aren’t a Fashion Show

Harvard Business School Study Show Angel Investment is King

Map of Silicon Alley’s Tech Investor Ecosystem

Map of Boston’s Early-Stage Tech Investor Ecosystem



Angel Profiling (1): A Moveable Feast of Mugs, Maniacs and Masters of the Game

Angel Profiling (2): Global Directory of Blogging Angels

Angel Profiling (3): So Are Super Angels Extinct?

Angel Profiling (4): The Wild and Wooly (and Expanding) Angel Universe

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