IT Outsourcing: Why Ukraine?

IT Outsourcing and Ukraine

* Ukraine has the world’s 5th largest and fastest growing IT outsourcing services market in the world, with revenues in 2011 expected to reach $1 billion

* There are over 4,000 IT companies in Ukraine, employing over 100,000 hardware, software and IT consulting professionals

* Ukraine has about 20 major IT educational centers producing about 30,000 IT-graduates annually with bachelor, MSc or PhD diplomas

* The cost of employing a software developer in Ukraine, or outsourcing IT business solutions development to Ukraine, is still about one-half of the cost of doing so in the EU or the US

* The IT industry in Ukraine is trending from system integration and development of “turnkey” information systems to Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) and IT business solutions adapted for a long-term perspective